Sleek trailer combo folds open to let the great outdoors in

I've never really understood the appeal of camping. For much less than the cost of buying a trailer or RV and gassing it up, you could be driving your own car and staying in fancy hotels. Still, I suppose some people want to haul all of their stuff with them wherever they go.

For them, perhaps the Forfreedom concept from designer Robert Williams makes sense. Created as an integrated car and trailer combo, the two parts fit together to form an aerodynamic unit that can slice through the air, making it far more fuel efficient than a standard fifth wheel trailer. That's all very nice, but the Forfreedom's real party trick is the way it can fold open to a 90 degree angle, creating a sort of porch space where you can sit and watch the great outdoors. Of course you'll want to tidy up the trailer first, otherwise all of your fellow campsite visitors will see your mess.

If the car looks pretty small, that's because the Forfreedom is designed to be used by "couples looking for a short break or outing", rather than big families. I'm just not sure if the concept of a quick romantic camping holiday works for me.

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