Scientists get robotic arm to stab someone to test dangers of robo-maids

Three German scientists, operating under the assumption that we'll all have robotic servants in our home one day, wanted to test the dangers of common accidents. "Common accidents" as in one of those robots stabbing you.

To conduct their test, they used a 30 pound, three-and-a-half foot long robot arm wielding a steak knife, kitchen knife, screwdriver and, of course, scissors. What would it be stabbing? A silicone lump, the leg of a dead pig and a person.

For the lump and the pig leg, the robotic arm's safety protocols were turned off, and it inflicted a variety of deep cuts that the researchers concluded would be lethal. For the human, the safety measures — a "prototype collision detection system", as described by the BBC — greatly reduced the damage done by the arm.

In the end, the studies pretty much confirmed what common sense would tell you: if a heavy, robotic arm stabs you, it's time to call a doctor.

Via BBC News