How to build a cheap, long-lasting OLED screen in 2 minutes

Our eternal lust for an affordable OLED screen might finally be satisfied. Dupont Displays figured out a cheap way to print the ultra-thin, sharp and efficient screens, and solved one of the nagging problems of OLED displays: longevity.

The secret is a new and sophisticated multi-nozzle printing process. These Dupont geniuses improved the erstwhile unreliable technique, which used to result in poorly-performing screens with short life and astronomical prices (try $2,725 for the biggest OLED display so far, and that's only 15 inches diagonal). Now these guys can print a 50-inch screen in less than two minutes, and it'll last 15 years.

Dupont isn't saying yet how long we'll have to wait for this exponential improvement in OLED screen printing tech to hit the market, but they'd better hurry up — lots of other companies are working on the same thing. While you're at it, make the screens curved, flexible and foldable.

Via Technology Review