Return of the Jedi playground: AT-ST jungle gym

This Gym-Dandy relic from 1984 is the kind of thing I'd go bananas for as a kid. My parents, on the other hand, would take one look at that speeder bike swing and see it toppling the rest of the AT-AT AT-ST — kids included. What kind of monsters can't get down with a little "Jedi excitement" in the backyard?

The caption in the bottom right reads:

Gym-Dandy brings Jedi excitement to America's backyards. Little Jedi Knights can swing on the sturdy Speeder Bike and activate 4 great sound effects: Laser Cannons, Turnstile Guns, Scout Walker and Proton Torpedoes!

Via Boing Boing

CORRECTION: This post originally labeled the jungle gym above as an AT-AT. As Bobadiah rightly pointed out in the comments below, the ad lists it as a scout walker, or an AT-ST.