Record-breaking 10,382mpg car could go from NY to LA on a liter of fuel

You might not want to travel to Disney World with the kids in this 10,382mpg "car," but with the equivalent of a liter of fuel, you could drive across America without stopping — if you had the bladder for it.

The world record of 3,836 kilometers on one liter of fuel was set five years ago at the 2005 Shell Eco Marathon. That record was smashed at this year's Eco Marathon by Team Polyjoule, a group of French students who drove their streamlined little hydrogen fuel cell-powered car 4,896 km on the same amount of fuel.

And we thought 220mpg was impressive. Besides its fuel efficiency, it's a beautifully designed vehicle, isn't it? Let's hope this kind of fuel efficiency trickles down to the rest of us before all the energy is used up.

Via Gizmag