PSA: Not all 3D shutter glasses work with all 3D TVs

So, you just bought a 3D television. Now you just need some 3D glasses, right? Right, but be careful which ones you choose — or you could drop over $100 on a pair of shades you'll never wear.

Samsung has confirmed that the shutter glasses used to enable the 3D effects of its latest television sets uses the same technology as Panasonic, which also has 3D TVs and glasses of its own. So, all 3D is created equal, right? And a pair of Samsung shades should work with your Panasonic TV? Not so, apparently, as Samsung's implementation of the technology is the reverse of Panasonic's. Read: they'd work with one another if you wore your glasses upside-down.

According to Samsung R&D chief Simon Lee, the reversal isn't as nefarious as it sounds, as he told Home Cinema Choice that it's more of a problem of agreeing to a standard for the new technology: "I think that it's likely that the different manufacturers will come together, possibly as early as next year, to agree a common standard for Active Shutter glasses."

Still, that doesn't help you right now. If you're buying a 3D television set, make sure you get glasses that will, you know, enable you to see the big fancy effect you bought it for.

Home Cinema Choice, via Engadget