Sony puts an accelerometer in new Vaio netbooks for some reason

Sony just updated its P Series of tiny laptops, keeping the 8-inch screen but adding enticing new features. Top of the list is an accelerometer that lets you turn it on its side for a vertical view. So what is that good for? Reading books? We're perplexed. Anyway, that same accelerometer lets you tilt it to the right or left to go forward or back when browsing web pages. And for those on the go, there's GPS and 3G connectivity on board.

Sony's placed its optical touchpad just to the right of the screen, making it easier to navigate with this mini-laptop. We're digging the five eye-catching colors, but too bad there's not much processing power underneath that pretty exterior — Sony's decided to slightly underpower this model with the girly-man 1.6GHz Atom Z530 for its starting price of $799.

If that processor's not fast enough for you, opt for the slightly faster Atom Z560 chip. All that processor talk might just be merely academic, though, because we don't think many of the users of this nearly-pocketable VAIO P Series will be rendering 3D graphics or doing oil and gas exploration.