Powerful solar battery juices up almost anything

We're interested in using the sun to power up our gadgetry, but the solar chargers we've seen so far are so wimpy they can barely get the job done. This one's different. This one's packing a 20,000 mAh battery inside, storing a lot more power than the weak 1,320 mAh inside that iPhone case we tested last month. Plus, this solar charger's array is a whole lot bigger, allowing it to gather considerably more power to charge that higher-capacity battery.

Aiming to please everyone, Chinavision includes 29 unique adapter tips to accommodate whichever power-hungry device needs charging. Now all you need to do is find a sunny south-facing windowsill where you can place this energy-soaking panel. Or, if you're the trusting type, on a sunny day you could place your $148 solar charger out in the open, hoping no one steals it while it gathers energy for your gadgetary needs. Good luck with that.

Chinavision, via 7 Gadgets