NES home theater PC hides your computer in plain sight

For many people who grew up in the 80s, a TV just doesn't seem quite right without an old NES plugged in underneath it. But with new ways to play classic games on newer consoles such as the Wii's Virtual Console and the Xbox Live Arcade, there are fewer and fewer reasons to really keep the old clunker around. Unless, of course, you gut it and turn it into a home theater PC.

This custom casemod is just that, looking like a regular old NES on the outside but fitting a fully functional PC inside. Observe:

It's based on a Zotac IONITX-A-U motherboard, and is equipped with a Dual Core 1.6Ghz Intel Atom N330, an NVIDIA GeForce9400M on NVIDIA ION chipset and 2GB of DDR2 RAM. In comparison, the original NES had a 1.66 MHz CPU and 2KB of RAM, a thousand times less powerful than this HTPC.
neshtpc2.jpgSo in theory, you could load this thing up with an NES emulator and download all the ROMs you want and you could treat this just like an old NES. But this NES would also be able to surf the web and play videos. Not a bad upgrade! If you want it, it's up for sale on Etsy now for $475. But hurry! This is a one-of-a-kind object.

Etsy via Technabob