Pool light dives, floats, looks like V'GER from Star Trek

I don't know about you, but I like my pool lights to act like jellyfish, diving and surfacing, and flashing like a disco ball on steroids. This one does that and more, behaving like a submarine.

You can decide whether it dives or floats, or whether its lights flash rapidly or in a hypnotic, slow pattern. I'd suggest putting on scuba gear and playing out the V'GER scenes from the first Star Trek movie.

What, you don't have a pool? Well, if you have a deep bathtub, you might be able to enjoy the wonders of this 7-inch-tall floating buoy of fun. It's all yours for $29.95, or you can get a deal if you buy three of them, each $27.95.

UPDATE: Yeah, commenters, I agree, it does look a lot like Nomad (pictured at left), but you can see why I thought it looks like V'ger (on the right). Let's just call it the son of V'ger and Nomad!

Solutions, via Coolest Gadgets