Piano shaped turntable plays your vinyl collection like a fiddle

Looking a bit like a miniature grand piano being played with a violin bow, the Horo WJE168 flies in the face of conventional thinking on turntable design. Still, Luigi Pasqualini's creation is certainly a head turner par excellence, using age old 'tunable' musical instrument construction techniques passed down over the centuries.

Tonearm length can play a role in reducing cartridge distortion, but so does rigidity, so it's hard for me to guess how the Horo's incredibly long but bendy arm will work. Perhaps I can try playing a violin using a turntable tonearm with horsehair stretched along it to get the idea.

While Pasqualini is heavily influenced by the late jazz pianist Bill Evans (WJE168 is Evans' initials and birth date), one if his first customers was blind Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. The singer dedicated an entire room in his house to the Horo, and he doesn't even get to sit there and stare at it.

The Horo WJE168 is built to special order for each customer, with prices starting at around 33,000 Euros (about $41,000).

Horo Music