Odd 'horological machine' tells time in 3D

No boring flat watch faces for watchmaker Maximilian Busser. Nope, and no boring names, either: this here is the Horological Machine Number 3 Frog, and Busser designed it to "bring a child's sense of awe and sense of playfulness" to what the watchmaker sees as the stuffy business of luxury watches.

The Frog gets its name from the eye-like appearance of the bulging, rotating aluminum globes, with the green segment of the watch looking like an open mouth (upside down in the picture above). The globes display the time for the hours and minutes and are enclosed by sapphire crystal.

No price is listed, but thanks to manufacturing challenges and an incredibly limited run on the watches, you can bet your biscuits that it's expensive.

The HM3, a variant of the Frog, flattens out the globes a bit. Check it out in the picture below.

Maximilian Busser, via Core77