Not even Disney's Star Tours is safe from the Star Wars prequels

Not too long ago there was a rumor going 'round that Disney wanted to update its aging but awesome Star Wars ride, Star Tours. What sounded like a mere refresh is now a full-blown replacement, as Disney announced that it will cease taking passengers on Star Tours in Disneyland and Disney World on July 27th and September 8th, respectively.

A new version of the Star Wars adventure will open up in May 2011 and feature a 3-D screen and podracing. (Yay?) The ride looks like its shares the "tours" theme of the original, though expect plenty of more prequel-style action, which I can't say I'm excited about.

Watch Star Tours in its entirety down below and pour one out for the Starspeeder 3000.

Gadling, via Gizmodo