New Tivoli radio does more than just radio, surprisingly

If you buy a Tivoli radio, chances are all you want is a stylish table radio that just performs extremely well. But if you've owned one for a while, you may lament its lack of conveniences like a clock, an alarm or a display that tells you the song playing. Then you might want the Model 10.

The Model 10 is still Tivoli chic — coming in seven different finishes including the faux-aluminum "limited edition" models — but the new radio adds a blue/white digital readout in front. On that screen you'll see the time, the station you're tuned to, and the song title (as long as the station supplies RDS info). You also get dual alarms and a rotary dial up top. It costs $200, but add $80 on top of that for a separate stereo speaker ($249/$379 for the LE models).

Tivoli's actually offered radios with all those features for years, but they all have extras that make them more expensive (like Internet radio or an analog clock face). The Model 10 is for people who like to stick to AM and FM, just with a few RadioShack extras. Not a bad concept, but why do all their radios now have the same vertical rectangle form factor? More bold design choices, please!

Oh, and Tivoli also snuck out an iPod docking station that connects to any of their radios. Video outputs, too. "The Connector" sells for the moderately obscene price of $120.

Via Tivoli