Man creates world's first synthetic life form

Dr. Craig J. Venter just announced that he has created the world's first synthetic life form. Before you start running for your lives, keep in mind that this life consists of DNA-like code inserted into a group of cells, not some monstrous dinosaur marauding across the planet.

Venter generated a digital code in a computer, and it's now somehow self-replicating as the genome in a group of living cells. The scary part? It's not a single cell, but in a way, it's a new species, "capable of logarithmic growth."

Just like in a science fiction movie, Dr. Venter says he's "briefed the White House." Will May 20th go down in history as the day we started playing god for real? Could this be the beginning of the end?Jeez, we can only hope they keep this stuff locked up tight. Grey goo could be on the way.

Via Boing Boing