Man 'hacks' U.S. iPad 3G to work in Europe (with a meat cleaver)

We do love clever hacks here at DVICE, though John Benson is taking the concept literally. Who knew all you'd need to convert the iPad 3G to U.K. cellular standards is a pair of scissors? Or, as John Benson prefers, a meat clever.

The U.K. resident was faced with a disparity in SIM cards once he received his iPad from over the pond, writing on his website, "This morning, my shiny new iPad 3G 64Gb arrived from the USA! The only problem was, it had an AT&T MicroSIM and as yet there is no such thing in the UK."

His solution? "Get a chopping board, a meat cleaver and a pair of scissors — simples!"

You shouldn't just hack willy-nilly, however. Benson has been kind enough to provide a step-by-step photo guide on his site, including some proof that he's got his iPad up and running on Vodafone's network.

Check it out in the link below.

John Benson, via The Register