SLOW Internet: See how you compare with the top 10 cities

How's your broadband treating you lately? Ookla, the company responsible for that useful site where you can quickly measure your broadband download and upload speeds, released some telling stats today. It turns out that the United States average download speed of 10.12Mb per second (Mbps) is faster than the worldwide average of 7.69Mbps.

Ookla is in a great position to provide this data, since its site records an astonishing 1 million speed tests every day from around the world. The company plans to give this data for free to academic researchers, and sell it to analysts, service providers and governments.

The FCC is encouraging everyone to use testing sites, so it can get even more accurate picture of broadband speeds in the United States. That ought to help the agency achieve its goal of 100mbps broadband for all...someday.Take a look at the top 10 cities in the country listed below, and then compare that to the global top 10. Sadly, we still have a long way to go before we catch up with South Korea.

Meanwhile, readers, try a quick test of your bandwidth at, and then let us know if you're happy with your broadband speed.

1. San Jose, Calif. 15.02 Mbps
2. Saint Paul, Minn. 14.53 Mbps
3. Pittsburgh, Pa. 14.18 Mbps
4. Oklahoma City, Okla. 12.12 Mbps
5. Brooklyn, N.Y. 12.10 Mbps
6. Tampa, Fla. 12.05 Mbps
7. Bronx, N.Y. 12.01 Mbps
8. New York, N.Y. 11.85 Mbps
9. Denver, Colo. 11.68 Mbps
10. Sacramento, Calif. 11.34 Mbps

The global top 10:
1. Seoul, South Korea 34.49 Mbps
2. Riga, Latvia 27.88 Mbps
3. Hamburg, Germany 26.85 Mbps
4. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova 24.31 Mbps
5. Helsinki, Finland 20.58 Mbps Mbps
6. Stockholm, Sweden 19.97 Mbps
7. Bucharest, Romania 19.68 Mbps
8. Sofia, Bulgaria 18.99 Mbps
9. Kharkov, Ukraine 18.15 Mbps
10. Kaunas, Lithuania 17.46 Mbps

Via GigaOm