Internet Explorer dips below 60% of the browser market for the first time

It was bound to happen with all of the different browsers out there to choose from, but we're sure that's not making Microsoft feel any better about it. For the first time in its history, the company's Internet Explorer accounts for less than 60% of the browser market, where it at one point dominated with 95% of the market in 2003. NetApplications, the statistics firm that published the figure, has IE at 59.9%, Firefox with 24.5% and Google's Chrome with a 6.7% share (up from 1.7% last year). Safari was not listed. Apple's own proprietary browser, Safari, lags behind the bunch with 4.7%.

To figure out why IE continues to dip, the BBC talked to Gartner analyst Jeffrey Mann, who said, "There are more viable alternatives now. Google has been advertising and there are more people using Macs and Apple's Safari. There is just a great awareness that there are alternatives," going on to say it could represent a loyalty shift away from Microsoft. Microsoft was recently forced to offer browser alternatives on computers running Windows in Europe.

We hear him on the alternative awareness, but a loyalty shift? The only people who seem to use Internet Explorer or Safari are the ones who don't know they can download a new browser.

Via BBC News