Ultra high-tech fanny pack makes for embarrassing rescues

The "SixthSense for Search and Rescue" system by designer Dieter Amick is like a front-mounted laptop that would give rescue personnel access to maps and pertinent information with just a glance downward. Sounds awesome, but why'd he have to go and make it so fanny pack-ish?

The idea behind SixthSense is that the better a rescue team's communication and the more information they have, the more lives they can save. To that end, wearing a computer strapped to your torso makes sense (and, hey, it's even got storage space for stuff like water and candy bars), letting you note the survivors' locations, which ones have the most urgent need of saving, and so on. We think we'll be waiting for the head-mounted model to come out, though.

I mean, c'mon, just look at the guys below! I'd rather get saved by that Japanese person-eating-rescue-robot-thing.

Via Yanko Design