HDHome: Now a PC in the living room is a lot less scary

There's a phobia about putting a PC in your home theater or living room, and Mvix aims to change all that with its HDHome series. Both of these highly capable PCs are running Windows Media Center Windows 7, and each has a Blu-ray player on board, as well as a ATSC TV tuner. So for around $1000, you get everything you need to watch movies, Internet video and broadcast TV. Plus, you get the benefit of having a full-fledged PC in your living room, and it looks pretty swank, too.

You can choose from the lower-priced HDHome S2, a $999 box with an Intel Atom processor and two drive bays, or the HDHome S4, a $1600 model with a faster dual-core Athlon processor and four drive bays for plenty of super-fast HDTV storage. Both have HDMI and optical audio outputs, and that TV tuner will give you full TiVo-like capability. But the company says nothing about CableCard compatibility or the ability to receive digital cable signals.

Even with its few shortcomings, we like this trend, where a full-blown 1080p-capable home theater PC can cost less than $1000 including full Blu-ray playback capability. Now if someone would just offer something like this at a price of less than $500, it would make numerous set-top boxes instantly obsolete. Ships June 1.

Via Mvix