Gorgeous remote control redesign misses the point

Marcial Ahsayane's InterPad remote control sure is pretty, but we find ourselves wondering if anyone will ever be using a remote that looks like this. By the time it gets this advanced we'll probably all be using our brains to control TVs.

So, your usual spread of numbers and arrows has been replaced with just a handful of buttons and a joystick. With the InterPad, you're supposed to be able to navigate the increasingly complex landscape of TVs, which could include Internet connectivity and more in the near future.

Instead of just using your remote control to change channels or pause a DVD, for instance, you'd also browse social networking sites or queue up YouTube videos, or even manage a music playlist. We're not quite sure what the donut shape is for or why its "wings" move up and down, but it does make for a sleek look.

I like my remotes to be as stupid as possible and last forever on a single set of batteries. That's what makes a remote control great in my book. Failing that, I guess I could go for one that looks pretty, even if it complicates matters.

Marcial Ahsayane, via Yanko Design