Garden-growing bench is made from jet engine parts

Steven Ma's Ec-O bench looks like it belongs on an alien world, but it's more than suited to live on ours. And live it does — it collects rainwater that it uses to grow its own garden around it, and that's not the only trick it knows.

The Ec-O bench also collects solar power thanks to a thin photovoltaic film covering parts of it, which would keep some lights on at night and make it a more inviting place to sit. The garden it grows, while a cool idea, may not be entirely self-sustaining as it could need someone to clean it up a bit. After all, a bench covered in vines, flowers and maybe even thorns wouldn't be the most comfortable.

Ma designed the conceptual bench to use what looks like a jet engine, giving it that crazy look and entering it into the long line of furniture that uses retired plane parts we see 'round these parts.

Steven Ma, via Inhabitat