How can a flickering light stream video?

Now you can transmit digital signals with flickering lights. Chinese researchers have learned how to stream data using the imperceptible flickering of blue LED lights mounted in the ceiling. In their testing, they were able to stream digital video using these fast-blinking diodes.

Because it uses light, it's limited to line of sight, but this smart LED lighting can send its data at a relatively pokey 2Mb per second (2Mbps), while also functioning as room lighting. That line-of-sight limitation might be a bit inconvenient, though, when someone stands between your computer and the light source.

Don't get too excited yet. If you think about it, 2Mbps broadband service feels awfully slow these days, arousing complaints from those of us mired in the comparatively slow Internet world that is the United States. Imagine how slow 2Mbps would feel over your home network. Until they speed it up, this LED wireless network looks like an innovative idea that could use a little work.

Via Engadget