Tiny camera lets you stream video anytime, anywhere

We all know webcams, even wireless ones, but the CEREVO CAM live! is claiming to be the first to offer live streaming directly to USTREAM, no PC required. It transmits over Wi-Fi or 3G, letting you send live streams from pretty much anywhere.

The 9MP camera shoots in four quality modes ranging from HD (1,280 × 720) down to what they call "Web" quality: 320 x 240. It can also upload MPEG-4 directly to YouTube. The cam sells for $216 in Japan with a special USTREAM bundle that includes a wide-angle lens, tripod and more storage for an additional $20. Older versions of the CEREVO CAM can get this feature with a firmware upgrade. While the company isn't saying when the camera will be available outside of Japan, but the manuals are available in English.

So, what will you stream live to USTREAM? Compelling commentary, or your buddy's drunken antics? More importantly, do you want your friends to have the capability to instantly upload videos of you?

Via Crunchgear