Does anyone still care about the MacBook Air?

When the MacBook Air first came out in 2008, it did so as the "world's thinnest laptop," a title which has since lost its luster. With a rumored upgrade for the Air right around the corner, will it be thinner still (and, if it is, who cares?), or will Apple try to crank it up and teach the Air some new tricks?

Up until now, improvements to the Air have been incremental and quiet. The rumored upgrades — more RAM, bigger SSDs and a move toward either more powerful but lower power graphics processing units or a beefier CPU such as the Core i5 or i7 — are about the same as the MacBook Pros recently enjoyed. It doesn't seem like enough for the Air, which occupies something of a confusing place now between Apple's MacBook Pro line of laptops and its iPad.

Are you an Air owner? Would you buy another, more powerful one? One of the most appealing "upgrades" Apple could announce would be a drop in price. Currently starting at $1,500, you could buy yourself any number of more versatile or more powerful laptops that sacrifice the Air's light weight and thinness.

Via Electronista