Designer takes 'iPhone killer' literally

Designer Ronen Kadushin has finally gone and done it. He's made a real "iPhone killer," a combination of words that was all the rage not too long ago (disclosure: I was guilty of it, too). Now we're all about iPad fightin' here at DVICE.

In a presentation that takes more than a cue from Jobs (see the picture below), Kadushin unveiled his iPhonekiller, as he calls it: "Whenever a new hand held device, or new exciting smartphone hits the market, a question roars through the internets, tech blogs and news: Is this the iPhone killer?"

He continues: "I'd like to introduce you to the iPhonekiller... It's amazing... It is an open design, you can download it from my website, produce and use it."

Of course, that means you have to make it yourself, but yes, at long last, let it be known that Ronen Kadushin created the iPhonekiller.

Ronen Kadushin, via Dezeen