Cellphones don't cause tumors, this week. Or maybe they do?

Ten years and $30 million later, a World Health Organization (WHO) study looking into whether cellphones cause brain tumors concludes, uh, nothing. That's right, after all that time and money spent, the 50 scientists conducting the study still can't say for sure if cellphones want our brains or not.

The weirdest thing about this latest study is that it showed that people with brain tumors had talked on cellphones less than those who were tumor-free. But that result was said to be flawed, because the healthy people who declined to take part in the study talked on their cellphones much less than those tumor-free people who agreed to participate. Ah, the old self-selecting sample error. Seems like they could have thought of this ten years ago.

We've seen conclusive studies calling cellphones safe, and also wondered if they're not. The astute researchers on this study can't even agree with each other. We'd rather not pay attention, gabbing on our cellphones while blithely convinced of our certain immortality.

Via New Scientist