Carbon fiber backpack is perfect for today's high tech hippies

Traveling around the world with only the bare essentials has always been a key part of the hippie ethos, but in today's high-tech world, the definition of what's an essential has changed. Few of us are willing to go without our modern electronic devices, so to carry them around the world, you'll need an equally high-tech take on the traditional backpack.

The Shuttle series of carbon fiber backpacks looks the part, providing incredibly strong but lightweight protection for even the most delicate tech gear. The four models will be named after each of the soon to be retired space shuttles, starting with the Discovery shown here.

This all looks pretty cool, but seriously dude, isn't that thing going to make you stand out as you trek through Kathmandu?

The Shuttle Discovery backpack is available now for between $2,725 and $3,467 depending on options.

Nikola Design, via Born Rich