Awesome photo: massive crane lifts warship out of the water

Sheee-yoot, now this one humdinger of a crane. If you look at the tiny silhouettes of the people in rafts around the warship (well, half of the warship), you really get a sense of just how big this thing must be.

The warship, of course, is the Cheonan of the Republic of Korea Navy (or ROKN). The 1,200-ton vessel split in two after being struck by a torpedo fired by a North Korean miniature submarine and sank into the Yellow Sea. Unfortunately, 46 members of the 104-man crew didn't make it.

The rear section of the ship was recovered on April 15th, with the bow, pictured above, being lifted out of the water on April 24th.

Look down below to see how the crane towers over the warship it's lifting.

Via Gizmodo