A dating site just for Apple fanboys and fangirls

As silly as the idea is, it's almost amazing it took this long to come about. Three self-professed geeks in San Fransisco "with backgrounds at Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!" are working on starting up a dating site just for the Apple-obsessed called — wait for it — "Cupidtino." The site itself is still in development, though the concept is in place: "a beautiful new dating site created for fans of Apple products by fans of Apple products!"


The site asks that very same thing, and answers it: "Diehard Mac & Apple fans often have a lot in common — personalities, creative professions, a similar sense of style and aesthetics, taste, and of course a love for technology. We believe these are enough reasons for two people to meet and fall in love, and so we created the first Mac-inspired dating site to help you find other Machearts around you."

The site should officially launch later this year, though there's a catch — it'll only be on Apple products and software, of course. That means the iPhone, iPad and a browser only a Macheart could love, Safari.

Cupidtino, via The Register