The 6 best MacGyver inventions of all time

MacGruber thinks that just because he's got a similar name, a mullet and a bomb to diffuse that he can roll like MacGyver. No way — not in our books. (He doesn't exactly have the best track record, besides.)

MacGruber has all the ridiculous materials he needs, but he just can't put them together like MacGyver does. Could he fix a blown fuse with a gum wrapper? MacGyver can. Check out that, along with five more of Angus' best tricks below.


1. The Flying Car

As seen in: "The Heist" (Season 1, Episode 5)

Materials used: Jeep, cargo plane, parachute

Result: MacGyver was in a plane he didn't want to be in anymore, and, since we're talking about MacGyver here, he figured out a way not to be. He rigged a parachute up to a car, drove it out of the back of a plane and landed it safely. He even wore a helmet.


2. Basement Torpedo

As seen in: "The Secret of Parker House" (Season 4, Episode 1)

Materials used: Sticks, rocks, rags, pipe, a boiler

Result: You can't keep MacGyver trapped in a basement and expect him to stay there. That horizontal pipe up there? Mac turned it into a torpedo that flew through the basement wall and created a path Mac and company to escape.


3. Fire Extinguisher Bomb

As seen in: "Jack of Lies" (Season 2, Episode 6)

Materials used: Fire extinguisher, metal hooks, tape, bungee cords

Result: In a plane being chased by hostile jeeps? That's no biggie for MacGyver. He rigged up an improvised bomb using a fire extinguisher and metal hooks, then launched it out slingshot-style at one of the jeeps. When it ran over the extinguisher, the hooks punctured the canister and exploded.


4. The Electric Gum Wrapper

As seen in: "Hellfire" (Season 1, Episode 8)

Materials used: Gum wrapper

Result: We'd be remiss if we didn't include MacGyver doing something with a gum wrapper. Here, he's fixing a blown fuse by joining the two contacts with the foil wrapper. He even offered the gum to the gal he was helping — what a guy!


5. Egg White Radiator

As seen in: "Bushmaster" (Season 2, Episode 19)

Materials used: Egg whites and water

Result: In one of MacGyver's most improbable fixes, ol' Mac manages to get a car running again by repairing a gash in its radiator with only some water and eggs (taken right from a chicken coop, of course). Once he got the water hot in the radiator, he let the egg whites cook in the liquid and it plugged the hole. Weirdly enough, this was deemed "plausible" by the Mythbusters.


6. Sun-Powered Laser Beam

As seen in: "The Legend of the Holy Rose" (Season 5, Episode 2, Part 2)

Materials used: Crystal-tipped rods, ruby set in a gold ball, mirrored bowl

Result: The materials are a little fancier than MacGyver is used to, but so are the results: he builds himself a damn laser! Then he waits for the sun to line up just right and uses it to bore through solid rock. He looks as surprised as the rest of us.