$200 full-color e-reader does a lot for little

If you bought the iPad just for its book readin' capabilities, then Pandigital's upcoming Novel may have you wishing Apple had a better return policy. The upcoming $200 e-reader isn't the prettiest or fastest, but it will hold its own for its low price.

With its 7-inch full-color LCD display, Wi-Fi and the ability to run apps, the look and feel of the Novel may have you thinking of Barnes & Noble's Nook. There's more to that similarity, in fact — the Novel uses the Barnes & Noble e-book store, too.

What the Novel doesn't have is the cellular connection (so you'll have to rely on Wi-Fi), the speed or the gloss of its more expensive kin. It also won't pull in any fans away from, say, Amazon's Kindle, as e-ink devices are still popular for the way they read more like a real book.

Still, for $200, the Novel will be one of your cheapest options for e-readin' when it comes out in June.