World's tiniest camcorder is just 1.5 inches tall

If you thought Muvi's Micro DV Cam was small, get a load of its little brother, Atom, pictured on the left. Imagine this, you perverts: What could you do with a camcorder that's a mere 1.5 inches tall, and has a handy clip on the back for perfect placement?

Slip the included 2GB microSD card inside, and this spycam's battery will let you shoot 640x480/30fps video for an hour. And the thing can use up to an 8GB microSD card. Adding to its stealthiness is voice activation, recording video as soon as the tinycam hears its master's voice.

Not snooping around? Use it as a webcam. You better be serious, though, because this little trinket will set you back $122. But is it the smallest in the world? How about this one?

Via Geek Alerts