Uh oh, Nintendo: Retrode makes digital copies of your classic games

One thing video game companies are really cashing in on these days — and who says they shouldn't? — is re-releases of classic titles for the likes of the DS or digital distribution networks such as the Wii online store. While it's awesome to still have these classic titles kicking around, if you already own a copy of the original it can feel silly to pony up and pay for it again.

Enter the Retrode. It's a no-frills device that'll turn your old Super Nintendo or Genesis cartridges into ROMs for your computer via a USB cable. This can be useful if the associated console has ceased to function, or if you simply want to make a digital copy of a classic games as cartridges can be a little temperamental.

A reviewer of the Retrode (posted below) found two faults with the device, however. For one, the cartridge slots are shallow, which increases the risk of damaging your cartridge or the unit itself. Also, the price is a little high, as the Retrode goes for around $100.

Retrode, via CrunchGear