This self-leveling tripod head costs as much as hiring an assistant

This is the Acadalus CPS-H1 camera head, and it's here to help. Help you level out your shot, to be exact: the tripod head features an inclinometer just like a flight simulator that will automatically level out your camera. There's also a directional pad on the unit in case you need to make some fine-tuned adjustments or pick an inclination yourself.

"This is for all those poor guys who have to run around with a tripod," Dr. Carl Koch, the tripod head's creator, told PDN. "With this head, all you have to do is press a button to level it." Koch says he came up with the idea one freezing night in Switzerland, where — Swiss himself — the man was trying to photograph an outdoor Christmas display and was having a hell of a time leveling his camera. It took him four years, but he figured out how he could have had an easier time that night.

The tripod's assistance doesn't come cheap, however — or lightly. The five-pound camera head costs $5,000 to begin with, with power cable and battery options that can push it up to $5,600. Still, on a freezing night in Switzerland where all you want to do is take you picture and go enjoy some hot cocoa, it starts to sound pretty worth it.

Acadalus, via Wired