This hydrogen-powered car was built by high schoolers

With all-electric cars still struggling to be ready for prime time, a group of high school students at the Los Altos Academy of Engineering in California have turned toward an alternative favorite: hydrogen power. They've constructed a three-wheeled chassis that looks like it's destined to be a single seater vehicle called the HICE, or Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine vehicle, powered by a four-stroke Honda engine that uses hydrogen in the place of gasoline.

The crew took the vehicle for a spin back in February to work out all the kinks and, despite lacking a furnished interior, the vehicle is now ready to be shown off. Having built electric vehicles in the past and partnering with companies such as Toyota and Boeing, the Los Altos kids are no strangers to advanced design, and maybe we'll be seeing hydrogen-powered vehicles out there just yet when these kids are all grown up.

The Journal, via Auto Motto