The best reason to get a Sharp QuadPixel TV: tech support

Sharp QuadPixel TVs, just hitting stores now, take the usual three colors found in LCD-screen pixels — red, green, blue — and add a fourth: yellow. According to the company, this has the effect of producing images with more vivid colors, reducing power consumption and a slightly boosting resolution. QuadPixel's benefit over competing sets is debatable, though in a demo yesterday Sharp had me convinced that the tech support is the absolute best aspect of these new TVs.

If you've got any problem with your set (say, skin tones look crappy), just call Sharp's reps in Illinois (no, not India!) and they can see what's going on with your set via the Ethernet connection. Not only that, but they can change settings and update software, just like your IT guys do with your PC at work. To top it off, they can even see what other devices are connected to your set via HDMI connections.

It's called Aquos Advantage Live, and I totally want it. While the idea of someone controlling your gear from afar might give conspiracy theorists more fodder for "the TV is watching you" plots, it's awesome for anyone who ever spent hours trying to figure out what's wrong with their set only to realize hours later that they just needed to press one button.

Via Sharp