Supercam grabs 2,800 HD frames per second for unreal slo-mo footage

You know what happens when you crank up the frame rate on a high-resolution video camera? You can grab spectacular shots of bullets flying through apples, water droplets creating spectacular watery crowns, and water balloons exploding into slow-motion artwork. That's just what this Vision Research Phantom Flex camera can do, doing it with super-high quality and lots of flexibility.

Aimed at pro shooters and scientists, its CMOS sensor can snap up 1,560 frames at 2,560 x 1,600-pixel resolution. But it roll a lot faster when you bring it down to standard definition, blasting through 6,300 frames every second. It's also great in low light, sucking up the lumens at 1,000 ISO. The cam accepts Canon, Nikon and Panavision lenses. You can record all that high-rez shooting on hot-swappable solid-state drives.

Pros will eat this stuff up, and we'll be the ones who benefit from this camera's spectacular results. Can't wait to see it.

Via Oh Gizmo