Solar charger should be the No. 1 gadget in the developing world

Humanitarians aim to bring light to the world, and this Solar Pebble could do literally that, charging up its batteries on sunny days and lighting up the night. Aimed at developing countries where electricity is often scarce, it's packing enough power to charge up cellphones and other small devices, too.

For easy carrying and more useful placement, there's a ratcheting stand/carrying handle on the back that helps tilt this sucker toward the sun for charging, also perfect for aiming its LED light right where it's wanted.

Adam Robinson of Plus Minus Solar designed his solar device as a low-cost convenience item for those who don't have access to the electrical grid. Unlike this $50 solar lantern, the Solar Pebble is designed to be dirt cheap; now all he needs is a humanitarian with deep pockets to ship millions of these babies where they're most needed.

Via Yanko Design