Solar and wind-powered hanging monorail with a spectacular view

What a great way to start off our parent company NBC Universal's Earth Week: it's the greenest train system ever. Its transparent sides and top let you behold the scenic beauty of the aesthetically pleasing city of the future, but riding around in these glassy observation cars is guilt free — it's all so sustainable with solar panels on top.

Many of the support towers have the wind turbines on top, cranking out even more energy for this hanging monorail that glides along high over the city streets. The interior of the train cars are bristling with gadgetry as well, featuring touchscreen interfaces and Wi-Fi Internet, and Corian seating that's molded just so. Sure as hell beats the city bus.

Here's hoping some well-heeled city picks up on this design concept. Make the cars individual-sized and they'll be onto something.

Via Yanko Design