Silent Drum can create a creepy soundtrack for your life

I'm a big fan of electronic music, but tend to prefer really creative stuff rather than some guy just noodling on a synthesizer. Few, however, can match the creativity of Peruvian musician Jaime Oliver. While he shouldn't be confused with the English chef with a similar name, this Oliver manages to cook up his own wonderful stew of amazing sounds.

His Silent Drum may look like any old regular drum that you beat with your hand or some sticks, but it's really an incredibly sophisticated synthesizer control surface. A camera pointed at the bottom of the flexible top skin measures any deflections in the surface, and translates them into a fantastic array of chilling industrial music. Just check out the video to get the idea.

Oliver is currently working towards a PhD in computer music at UC San Diego, and while I have no idea what his future plans are, I'm sure there are plenty of movie producers up in Hollywood who could make use of his talents.

Jaime Oliver, via Make Online