Shower heats water with miraculous piezoelectricity

Run cold water into the Piezo Shower's organic-looking series of pipes, and without adding any extra power, you get a hot shower spraying out the top. It works by introducing friction and vibration to tiny fibers embedded within these thin pipes, creating piezoelectricity that warms the water. This electricity from nowhere is also powering a waterproof touchscreen controller that counts the number of minutes you've been in the shower and the amount of water used.

We've seen piezoelectric power running a cellphone and a battery-free remote, but this is the first time we've seen it heating up water for a steamy shower. Sound far-fetched? Maybe it is — it's a design concept so far, but as a work of art, it's a winner. Considering the advances made in piezoelectric power these days, this alchemy could be within the realm of possibility. Someday.

Via MocoLoco