Renault unveils an all-electric car with a swappable battery

The idea of a swappable battery was actually dreamed up a few years ago as part of the Better Place project, though now Renault is making the concept a reality with the unveiling of its Fluence Z.E. sedan. While a battery swap can take as little as three minutes, it's not as simple as changing out the batt's in your TV remote. It'd involve you getting your car to a battery swapping station, but it's still an important step for electric cars as, rather be dead in the water, you could get your car going again after it dies on the rode.

As for the vehicle itself, the electric Fluence has a range of 100 miles and is electronically capped at 83 miles per hour. It'll go on sale this year in both Israel and Denmark alongside the Kangoo Z.E., a new electric van also by Renault.

Autopia, via Good Clean Tech