Psyko headphones take the speakers out of your ears (and puts them on your head)

Canadian-based Psyko is taking a different approach to delivering you surround sound through your headphones. Instead of having the speakers in the ear-cups, Psyko's 5.1 PC Gaming Headset System puts five of them up top, along the headband. The sound then naturally travels through tubes running down to the ear-cups, which will spread the sound out over the front and back of your ears, complimented by subwoofers in the cans.

It all sounds a little crazy, but I got to try them out for myself back at CES 2009: "…during a Call of Duty 4 demo, the sound had some amazing depth with distant artillery booms muddled as they should be, and nearby gunshots crisp and present. There was also a very clear direction in my mind from where each sound came, seemingly more so than I get with the surround-sound headphones I currently use." I remember it all had a very natural sound to it in a way that's kind of surprising.

You can pick up a set of your own for $300 from sites such as Newegg and Tiger Direct. They come with a detachable mic for online gaming. Check out more of the headphones in our gallery below.

Via Psyko Audio