Sticky-note assault rifle says make to-do lists, not hit lists

Designer Alex Marshall's Office Assault Post-It Sticky-Note Gun is his attempt to create a gun without having created one, apparently. "I'm not down to design guns," he writes on his website, "but man they look cool." Instead of firing bullets, however, his fires Post-It sticky notes.

Obviously it's just a concept at the moment, though he has given the technical side of things some thought. He's got three ideas for how it could work, including putting a power fan in the gun or having it shoot rolled-up Post-Its stickies. The most fleshed out idea is one that uses air and mechanical assistance:

This concept would contain an air reservoir which could be either battery or mechanically powered and a mechanical arm to push the post-it sticky from the magazine… I did some basic testing and found that it would require a significant amount of air without this arm separating it from the post-it sticky stack so this justifies the arm.

Also part of the Office Assault set: a grenade shaped like a coffee cup, and a mine that would shock people into working with loud noises. Check 'em out below.

Alex Marshall, via Fast Company

UPDATE: Alex Marshall, apparently in some legal hot water with 3M (the owner of the Post-It trademark), changed the name of the gun to the Sticky Note Gun. In deference to him, we've changed the references to Post-Its.