Piggyback display for the PS3 almost makes the system portable

Forget the PSP, this is the PlayStation portable I want. Japanese peripheral maker Hori has a new LCD screen dock that'll have a 720p display and stereo sound riding piggyback atop the PS3. Called the HP3-87, the screen doesn't have the same specs as the big-screen HDTV you've probably got in your living room, but the 1,366 x 768 resolution should be more than enough for the 11.6-inch display.

This is the kind of thing you usually see coming out of the mod community. In fact, we've already seen a portable PlayStation 3 from mod-man extraordinaire Ben Heck in the form of a PS3 laptop.

Now all you need is a portable generator, and you got yourself a truly portable PS3. Well, that and a ticket to Japan — Hori's HP3-87 will be selling there for around $280 in May.

Via Engadget