New MacBook Pro runs hotter than a 2-dollar pistol

MacBook Pro, you're so pretty, swathed in that svelte aluminum unibody, exuding style and grace. We could use one word to describe you: Hot. Literally. If we're to believe the reviewers at PC Authority, that new Core i7 processor inside is heating up to an unbearable level, reaching 100°C. That might not fry an egg, but it could certainly hard boil one. MacCook Pro, anyone?

Unlike most bloggers, I'm not interested in a MacBook Pro. Perusing yesterday's Best Buy ads, I couldn't help but notice how an Asus PC laptop with a Core i7 processor sells for $1,200 (with a 17.3-inch screen, 6GB of RAM), vs. $2,500 for a comparably equipped MacBook Pro (with a smaller 15-inch screen, and just 4GB of RAM). That's more than double the price. Now that the fastest MacBook Pro is capable of frying a guy's gonads out of childbearing contention, apparently now there's even a higher Mac tax to pay. No thanks.

Note to commenters @themac and @Bobby: I'll show both of you which processors are in each of these laptops — it's Apple that's the sneaky one here. That 2.66GHz processor Apple uses in its laptop is a dual-core chip. Apple is careful not to mention exactly which i7 processor it's using, showing no model numbers anywhere. Not a word about how it's a dual-core processor. Sneaky.

But if you look it up, you'll see that the only 2.66GHz i7 part is the i7-620M, a $332 dual-core processor. Sure, the i7 processor in the Asus laptop runs at 1.6GHz, so it's slower, right? Wrong. It's the quad-core Intel i7 720QM, clearly labeled as such on Best Buy's website. Oh yeah, and that one sells for $364, $32 more than the MacBook Pro's processor.

I'd rather have the quad-core processor any day, especially at that price that's $1,300 cheaper. You could buy two of them for the price of one MacBook Pro, and still have $100 left over.

See for yourself:

Asus:-- Intel i7 quad-core processor

Apple:-- Intel i7 dual-core processor

PC Authority, via Engadget