Video: Driving a car like you're playing Grand Theft Auto is HARD

In video games, the easiest way to drive is in a third-person camera that gives you an "over-the-shoulder" view of the action. It's a lot less claustrophobic than a first-person camera — or how we drive out in the real world.

It's part of a new show called Immersion, brought to you by Rooster Teeth, the folks behind the popular Halo-inspired comedy series Red vs. Blue. Immersion takes a page from the MythBusters in that concepts are put to the test on the show, but rather than deal in rumors and what-have-you, the folks in Immersion are testing video game concepts out in the real world.

The crew mounted a camera on a long arm behind the vehicle, and blacked out the windows so that the driver can't rely on sight to navigate an obstacle course full of cones and inflatable civilians. Instead, a monitor behind the steering wheel showing the third-person feed is the only thing the driver sees.

What concept should be tested next? I'm voting for the Rocket jumping.

Immersion, via Destructoid