Mont Blanc's fanciest pen yet: personalized ink

As if Mont Blanc pens weren't classy enough already, now the company is offering personally identifiable ink inside, making sure that anything you sign is traceable back to you. Each of the two Personal Code Ink Meisterstück pens in this custom set is filled with ink containing an invisible botanical code that works sort of like DNA, making it as unique as your fingerprint. Looks like a great protection against forgery and fraud.

Check out that box, swanky enough to contain fine jewelry, but home to a roller ball and ballpoint pen exquisite enough to be called "writing instruments." When you run out of ink, plenty of refills of that Personal Code Ink await in its bottom drawer. Perhaps Mont Blanc is overreaching by placing a diamond on the roller ball pen's clip, but we think the gold-plated trim on both of them is a nice touch.

Any time a product includes a "a letter or memento bearing the owner's handwriting to verify authenticity," you know it'll be astronomically expensive. Nobody is revealing the price, but this exquisite matched set will be available in "Spring 2010."

Via Born Rich