Lost? Rescue Balloon is literally a big arrow pointing right at you

Do you enjoy taking long, meditative strolls in remote, forested areas alone? If you answered yes, you might be a candidate for the Rescue Balloon.

Designer Jaeseok Han wasn't fooling around when he created this compact kit — intended for hikers who get lost or injured in the wilderness and need to signal aerial search teams. It comes complete with a small, lightweight helium gas cylinder and a long, inflatable red balloon that can peer out from the tree canopy and flag down appreciative rescue workers.

Since it doesn't bet your life on flare guns, cellphones and fancy GPS devices that can run out of ammo or batteries, we love the simplicity of this concept. For the sake of seasoned adventurers and the navigationally challenged among us, we hope the Rescue Balloon makes it to production someday.

Via Yanko Design